Moonions is a community driven meme cryptocurrency based on the BSC network. It has been fair launched on pancakeswap. There were no presale or seed rounds.

The team burned liquidity which locks it until ethernity, assuring safety for all moonions.

Moonoshi has a grand vision: to conquer the mooniverse...

The 1st Play 2 Earn In Telegram

Grind with daily battles and quizzes with the comoonity win awesome prizes, NFTs and tokens.... Enjoy multi community battles with our partners. Read more

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enjoy play 2 earn dapp games and explore the mooniverse.


Moonati records

music and video production by our leader Moonoshi


big holders will be able to enter the secret moonati club and enjoy some privileges

Best memes and comoonity

Moonoshi has built a strong growing and organic community of moonions and making strong partnerships to fulfill his gran vision